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About Drylabs
Drylabs helps companies to improve their code and development process using Domain Driven Design principles. We develop complex projects with open-source in their core. Our headline product is dry-python - a set of libraries for pluggable business logic components. We talk Python, Django, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Celery, RQ, Twisted, asyncio and more.
Why you need a good code?
High developers productivity
Easy onboarding process
Better team interaction
Faster implementation of new solutions
How Drylabs can help?
Python code audit and advice on Domain Driven Design principles
Who needs it
You are СТО or teamlead, who has problems with code quality and adaptation of new developers in the team.
Our professionals will audit the code of your project, analyze weak points and give suggestions how to optimize the source code
Timing and prices
We analyze the code within 5 days after the payment, prices start from $750
Order the code audit
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Architecture development for new products
Who needs it
You are developing a new product and want to do it using DDD principles
We will develop an architecture solution for you, with suggestions about DDD principles where needed
Timing and prices
Architecture development depends on the complexity of the project and costs $100 per hour
Order the architecture development
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Support for development teams and consulting on code creation
Who needs it
Your team needs a support from experienced professionals for effective code development
Drylabs team will support your team via online chat for 5 developers with answers within 4 hours. The plan also includes 1 monthly call with Drylabs founders, when we answer your questions
Timing and prices
The monthly cost of support is $2000. This price also includes sponsorship for dry-python libraries
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Workshops and private courses of code development using DDD principles
Who needs it
If you want your team to learn how to create quality supported code (for example, to help data scientists team)
We run private consultations and fully personalized courses
Timing and prices
The one-time consulting costs $100 per hour. We also do on-site and online workshops as well as personalized two months courses. Prices start from $2500 per workshop day.
Order the private course
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Who are we?
Valentin Dombrovsky
Co-founder and СЕО Drylabs,
co-founder of MoscowPython
and Learn Python courses, PSF Fellow
Nikita Sobolev
CTO and Co-founder at Drylabs,
Pablo Aguilar
Python Coach at Drylabs
Software Engineer at
Russia's largest community of Python developers organizing meetups, Python learning course and Moscow Python Conf
A group of technology evangelists and simply those who love to write beautiful code. We sell repeatable software development process.
Do you work with other programming languages besides Python?
Python is our core compentence, but we might be able to help you with other programming languages with the help of our partners, so feel free to contact us - we'll be happy to discuss your needs.
I need to make a website - can you help me?
Drylabs is not an outsourcing development company, but we can advice our partners that provide quality website development services.
Don't you think that some of your ideas are "unpythonic"?
We believe that there are no "Pythonic" or "Non-pythonic" ways - there can only be either good or bad code. Good code is the one that fulfills its task while being easy to read and to maintain - and that's what Drylabs helps you to achieve.
Phone: +7 916 839 3607
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